Something Sweet for Someone Sweet

It has been much too long since I’ve posted an update, but I promise I have a good excuse. Let’s just say that in the last 6.5 months my world has changed and by May it will have changed completely with the addition of our first baby.

However, I have not neglected my sewing–I’ve actually ramped it up quite a bit and did my first fair, received tons of Christmas orders and made lots of nursery items for LP (Lil Perrott).

In keeping with that spirit, I think many of my Sew Sew items would make great Valentine’s Day gifts, too. Original, sweet and let’s not forget affordable. Here’s a video I made featuring some of my favorite Sew Sew picks for Valentine’s Day.

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2 responses to “Something Sweet for Someone Sweet

  1. Hey Audrey,I couldn't figure out how to view the video. I am technology challenged. Glad everything is going well with you and the baby.

  2. Hey Kathy! I had a blip in my html–it is fixed now. 🙂

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