Oh Baby!

Nine months and counting, it is now down to days until our little bug arrives. The anticipation is almost too much so I’ve resorted to what calms me the most–sewing, cleaning and organizing. Here are pics of his room along with some other items I’ve made to welcome him home.

The branch with leaves over the dresser and changing table is made out of different patterns of green fabric. The bamboo cutout owl mobile is a gift from friends Jane and Paul.

These little logs will also serve as great neck pillows during long nights.

Emoti-corns. These little plush acorns each have a different personality and emotion. Perfect for when baby (or mommy or daddy, for that matter) don’t have another way to express what their feeling.

Owls in the sky mobile. I bought one from a store so I could use the mechanical pieces but took everything else apart to make custom entertainment for LP.

I made this baby blanket for my little butterbean out of fabric from my friend and boss Jane. Yes, the monogram is a hint for his top secret name!

The adorable knitted acorn cap was made by my new friend Emma Hughes who has an amazing talent when it comes to yarn. Visit her blog at http://www.meaterra.blogspot.com/.


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