Hanging by a Thread

This week my brother-in-law is marrying his high school sweetheart in Washington DC. They will be married in a quaint pie shop in/near Capitol Hill where they both work part-time to supplement their other noble endeavors of Law School and Teach For America.

They are an adorable couple with a great sense of humor and a taste for handmade goodies including pie, of course! So in honor of them and the big day I wanted to make them something uniquely them that they could hang on their wall or place on a shelf.

I grew up doing cross stitch but had an idea for an embroidered piece. While there are some similarities between the two, I had to learn quite a few new stitches which came together nicely thanks to Mary Corbet’s http://www.needlenthread.com/. Embroidered using DMC thread and my own design, here is my first official embroidery project. Happy Wedding, Eric and Crystal!



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2 responses to “Hanging by a Thread

  1. GORGEOUS, Audrey! They will LOVE it!

  2. That's our anniversary! (It was 6 years for us!) Very sweet gift. (Heather Leppard)Http://leppard.com/honeysmusings

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