A Different Kind of Post: Be Mei Mei’s Valentine

Our Christmas wish was answered—a US-approved, Chinese consulate-approved inch-thick stack of paperwork encompassing nearly every detail of our lives has landed in China. AS. I. TYPE. THIS.

But this is a crafting blog, not an adoption blog so this post is going to only be a little different.

Mei Mei in Chinese means little sister. This year, we are hoping/praying/waiting to bring our little mei mei home from China and officially make her a part of our family.

Even though we haven’t seen her face yet, we love her. We love her with all our being.

I’m not good at spilling my guts (privately and especially publicly) but what I will say of our story to how we got here is this:

The waiting, the hoping, the disappointments, the praying, praying, praying. The reality of millions of orphaned children in the world, seeing it and feeling it with our own eyes, hearts and hands. The tears of frustration, the tears of joy, the praying, praying, praying. The red tape, the rejections, the pure desperation of it all.

And now—NOW—it is almost so close I can touch it.


Our little family of three is bursting with love and anticipation for our mei mei. And we don’t even know her yet.

This is where you and this little crafting blog come in. Even though the Christmas holiday is just seconds behind us, I’m going to go against my usual distaste for the commercial mayhem that ensues as one holiday comes to an end and another simultaneously begins. So in this upcoming season of love, hearts and all things red and pink, we come to you—our friends, family and dearly loved—to help bring our mei mei home.

We are launching a Be Mei Mei’s Valentine Fundraiser by selling an original Valentine’s Day card created and designed by me (with a little file formatting help from my good friend and brilliant graphic designer friend Chris Jones at Popcorn Initiative.)

Created and designed by Sew Sew by Audrey Perrott

Created and designed by Sew Sew by Audrey Perrott

These sweet and simple A6 bi-fold cards are the perfect card to send your Valentine and loved ones. Printed locally at a boutique press on eco-friendly 140#C French Paper, (ooh la la!) they are heavy and delightful and beg to be touched. They are of the highest quality, especially for all of you paper-philes out there. Each card is screen printed and comes with a thick and beautiful red A6 envelope from another favorite paper love, Paper-Source.

Bold and beautiful, ruby red

Bold and beautiful, ruby red

In addition to being beautifully made, these cards hold the hope, love and anticipation of bringing a little girl home to our family—one who lives worlds away without any family of her own. On the back of each card there is a simple message letting your recipient know that your love is even bigger than just them.

Message on back of card

Message on back of card

While we have yet to see our Mei Mei’s face or hear her little voice, she is already in our hearts. God has been using this journey/struggle/adventure to show us that. Turns out, she always has been.

Mei Mei, YOU are here. Now, let’s get you HERE.

Be Mei Mei’s Valentine cards are now available for pre-orders in my Sew Sew Etsy shop and will be available to ship by January 16th.

Also, limited, hand-embroidered (by me) prints of this simple, sweet message and design will be available in the coming weeks.

And with that, I want to thank you for being a part of this journey. Thank you for considering purchasing some cards for your loved ones to help our littlest love. If you feel so inclined to share this link or the Sew Sew Etsy shop with your friends and family so they too can purchase cards for Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, or just because, oh, I won’t stop you.

Most of all, thank you for loving our little girl as much as we do to help bring her home.


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