The Hand that Rocks the Needle

Over the holiday weekend my sweet friend flew me up to South Carolina as a gift for editing her two young adult novels. It was wonderful to have some down time, and let’s face it, get a full eight hours of uninterrupted sleep–three nights in a row, no less!

I told her I was going to “nerd it up” and bring my latest embroidery projects with me. Oh, and did I ever.

Now available in the Sew Sew Etsy shop as an additional fundraiser for our little girl, you can find my original “You are Here” design as hand-embroidered wall art. With news last week of our official log-in date to China, we are now playing the waiting game for a referral to see our little girl’s sweet face. So, while I wait, I will sew.

Each piece is hand-embroidered by me with the utmost attention to detail using rich, red thread and a beautiful, thick chain stitch to outline the heart. Deep black thread is back-stitched then whip-stitched to outline the loving, hopeful message of “You are here.” The “X” marks the spot! As a Valentine’s Day gift, anniversay gift, or a “Just Because I Love You” gift it can’t help but warm a heart.

Each piece is unique and I think that’s what makes them extra special–no machine here!  Measuring 4.5″ x 5″, each piece comes in its own 7″ embroidery hoop but will also fit nicely in an IKEA RIBBA frame. Here is a post about another embroidery project I did that looks nice framed. Leave it in its hoop and hang it on the wall, put it in a RIBBA frame, or get crafty and sew it into a sweet accent pillow.


While in Greenville I also picked up some new handmade pieces by other artists I love. Here is a darling Annie Koelle piece I picked up at Art & Light Gallery. Also, some cool laser-cut leather bracelets by Sarah Mandell at Once Again Sam from a sneak peek I got of her Spring collection. I’m loving the game day combo.

Photo Jan 24, 9 08 47 AM

Photo Jan 24, 9 09 06 AM


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