New Sew Sew Product Now Available! Sew Sew Sensory Sheets

Let me start off right away with this: I am not a pediatrician, nor a child psychologist, nor an occupational therapist. You guys, I took college classes like “Feminism in Shakespeare” and “Modern Literary Critical Theory.” However, I am the mom of two super duper kiddos, both of whom have been through the ringer when it comes to evaluations, testing, consultations, and the like. Our family is a full-throttle special needs family, and while I wouldn’t have it any other way, there are a few accommodations I wouldn’t mind every now and then. One of those accommodations is SLEEP.

Sleep, in my opinion, is better medicine than laughter (though the latter comes a close second). And for kids with sensory-related challenges, it can be hard to “turn their brains off” when bedtime comes around, which can make bedtime hard for us parents.

As the English proverb says, “Invention is birthed out of necessity,” but I prefer to think that in this case, this product was created out of pure desperation.

Between exhaustion and my refusal to spend $140+ on a weighted blanket, I took out my sewing machine and got creative. What resulted was this simple stretchy sheet and the easiest bedtime and full night’s sleep we’ve had in years. YEARS, you guys.

Introducing the Snug as a Bug Sensory Sheet. This twin-sized stretch sheet slips onto your child’s mattress like a big ‘ole Spanx. And it provides not one, but TWO benefits.

The first: It creates a compression pocket for your little bug, providing a calming, contained space while providing just the right amount of sensory input.

Secondly, it also creates a smooth surface for kiddos who are extra sensitive to “wrinkles” or texture on their sheets.Some nights my bug sleeps on top rather than climbing underneath.

Made from lightweight 100% polyester, and available in nine colors, this Snug as a Bug Sheet is made to order by me in a smoke-free home and is now available in my Etsy shop, Sew Sew by Audrey. It’s machine washable in cold water and can be dried in the dryer on delicate.image3

The first time my son climbed in, he breathed a huge sigh and said, “It’s like it’s giving my whole body a hug!”

The pictures above are him from that first night and first morning. I’m not sure he moved at all!  He’s even used it during the day when he’s experiencing sensory overload, crawling underneath until his whole body is wrapped in a “hug.”

And even though there are still a few nights here and there where it still takes a little while for him to fall asleep, the Snug as a Bug Sensory Sheet has helped TREMENDOUSLY. I was so excited about this and have had more than one family asking how they could get one. So so, I kicked up Sew Sew.

After all, it DOES take a village, and everyone functions much better, and much happier, with a good night’s sleep!



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4 responses to “New Sew Sew Product Now Available! Sew Sew Sensory Sheets

  1. Reminds me of Temple Grandim who had autism but did similar things to quiet herself down

    • Hi, Sharran,
      Yes, it is very similar! Every kid’s sensory needs are unique to them, and even then, it changes daily depending on whether they are over- or under-stimulated. It is a constant game of figuring out what works and then being flexible to change when his/her needs change. It has definitely made this Type A girl learn to be flexible! 🙂

  2. Emily Wright

    Hi, Audrey! Can you make one in full size? Please email me!!

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