Sew Sew by Audrey Perrott has gone retail!! Sew Sew Sensory Sheets, formerly known as Snug Sheets, are now available on the site! A place where you can find amazing therapy tools and resources, as well as educational toys and kits, I am so excited to expand in an effort to help more families and kiddos get a good night’s sleep. I met the founder, Robyn Colley, a well-known and well-respected occupational therapist, on the beginning of our sensory journey and am humbled to be a part of her new venture.

All Sew Sew Sensory Sheets are still handmade by me, with lots of love and a special prayer over each one for each kiddo. They are also still available on my Etsy site.

Check out her site at and like her page on Facebook to keep up with her and share with your friends! We’d be so grateful.


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