It’s not every day someone asks you to cut up her wedding dress. As I snipped around the delicate beadwork and pleats, grains of beach sand fell out from the folds. Meghan and Joe got married on the beach, you see. As New Yorkers turned Floridians, they have not once taken this coastal paradise for granted.

Their dream had always been to retire there, a seaside condo where the sunrises dripped into the water and walks at sunset with their son could wash away anything hard or unruly from the day with a simple ripple of waves over their toes.

As I tidied up the table before bed tonight, I noticed a little pile of beach sand that had remained. I wish I could figure out how to sew those grains into the quilt, weaving as many pieces of this incredible woman into the blanket for her darling son.

It has me wrecked; ah, but it’s not about me. This quilt is all about her–and it’s all for her boys.


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